Healthy Life, Healthy Business

Healthy Life, Healthy Business

Have you ever thought about how your physical, mental and spiritual life impacts your business? Life as a business owner can be challenging and consuming. The nature of being a business owner and maintaining success is impacted if not driven by your health. And, at the same time, an unhealthy business can wreak havoc with your health.

First, your physical health is impacted by what you eat and how active you are. Eat fresh, non-processed foods including lots of fruits and vegetables and lean sources of protein. Avoid foods with a high glycemic load like white bread, rice or other sugary stuff. Drink plenty of water to keep your body and brain hydrated. In addition, since our nutrition-robbed soils do not provide all the nutrients that they used to, supplement your healthy diet with a pharmaceutical-grade, high quality multi-vitamin. Personally, I choose CellSentialsTM from Usana Health Sciences, for their high quality manufacturing and ingredients.

What about your mental health? Do you find yourself stressed out, angry or tired? Some of the writing work I do is deadline-driven and often dependent on receiving information or input from others. Even if others miss their deadlines, my deadline may not change. This can be extremely frustrating, yet here is where I have a choice. Merely standing up from my desk and taking a short walk or mental break helps me stay focused on completing the task rather than being annoyed that I have been put under pressure by someone else. I have a choice of productive emotions rather than non-productive annoyance or anger. Thinking grateful thoughts in those breaks reframes my mind into a positive place. To top it off, this positive frame of mind makes me more productive.

Your spiritual health connects with the very depth of your being. We are all comprised of mind, body and spirit, so we cannot neglect the spiritual part. Personally, I start my day tending to the spiritual because it sets the right tone for the day. I start with a quiet time to read and pray. What I have found is that when I skip this quiet time due to my schedule I seem to get a little off center.

Create great days for you and your business by focusing on your physical, mental and spiritual health. You will be amazed at how it impacts your business.

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