“Can’t do the same thing and expect different results.”

We are all guilty this. Let’s use weight-loss goals as the example today. Every January we all vow that this year will be different. This year we will lose the weight and keep it off. This year we will change our eating habits. But then that important birthday dinner comes up or we come home from work and just feel too tired to cook. Delivery pizza sounds pretty convenient.

Success in any endeavor requires two very important things.

First, set a stretch goal that’s attainable. Losing 20 pounds in one month is not healthy or achievable in most cases. This goal will encourage crash dieting and subsequent bingeing. Set a reasonable goal that allows you to live a little (insert birthday dinner) but not go overboard (delivery pizza every Tuesday night).

Second, prepare. One of my daughters is a master of this where eating is concerned. She taught me that the best way to eat healthy is to always have something on hand. Take Sunday afternoon and pre-cook a few meals and put them in your fridge. These are great for late-nights after work or even to take to work for lunch. It’s all about arming yourself with the healthy stuff so running out to grab some fast food or over-eating is not so tempting. When you travel take along some healthy protein bars to stave off hunger between flights or layovers. They will benefit your health and your wallet.

Hope these few tidbits were helpful. We love to hear from you. Please leave comments with your questions or testimonies of how you did something different to get better results.

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