Buyer Beware

You’ve been tricked. We all have. With the rise of health awareness, the brilliant marketers behind food packaging have many of us convinced that something is healthy based on clever marketing copy about nutritional benefits. Here’s just one myth about a “fake healthy food”. Hopefully you will think twice before you grab it at your local grocer. Let’s look at the ever-popular parfait.

Perceptions: A Parfait is a great healthy snack with yogurt, nuts and berries. Greek yogurt is a good healthy fat and protein while the mixed berries provide antioxidants. Agave nectar gives it a hint of sweetness and is better than the alternative of honey.

Reality: Most parfaits are made with granola that is chocked full of sugar. ½ cup of granola by most standards is at least 250 calories and has 40+g of sugar per serving. While unsweetened Greek yogurt is great source of protein and healthy fat, most pre-made parfaits have flavored and sweetened yogurt adding another 200+ calories and 25+g of sugar. Agave nectar is no better or worse than honey, especially if you are trying to control glycemic levels. Sugar is sugar.

So that healthy morning snack just cost you 500+ calories, an insulin spike and a hunger pang about an hour after you ate it.

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