Start the Morning Right

I just finished a book called The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. What a great read! Elrod provides a simple hour-long routine to start the morning right. I like it because it’s very simple and prescriptive, yet not daunting. The author has an amazing story of victory in spite of what happened to him. At a young age he was in a horrible car accident. Though he was not at fault, he says it was his responsibility to pick up and move on with his life.

Later in his life a poor economy took his very successful business down, which brought him down personally. In his struggle a friend suggested he take a run to clear his head. During that time he researched what he could do to lift his mind out of despair. That’s how he came up with the Miracle Morning routine.

I can personally say that the Miracle Morning has lifted me out a place of stagnation. I hope you will read it too! It will enrich  your life.

To your health and happiness!

Ann Lovett Baird

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