Positive Vision Leads to Positive Action

Steven Covey once said that you have to create things twice. First in your mind, then by your actions. I have found this to be true in many situations in my life. I went through a period where I wasn’t exercising much. I just couldn’t seem to get in the pool, on the treadmill or tennis court.

I changed that by starting to think about what activity I would do each day. The more I “saw” myself exercising, the more natural it seemed! It wasn’t really a drudgery because I had first created it in my mind, then took action on it.

If you have a place in your life where it seems you’re taking negative action, or no action all, think about what you want your action to be. Maybe you want to be more assertive about sharing your ideas at work. Think about doing that at the next meeting you attend. Visualize that action every day, then take a step toward it. It could be you share a small idea to start.

Form your positive actions in your mind, then TAKE ACTION!

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