When I was growing up, healthy eating was not a focus in my family. We ate mostly beef and potatoes and canned vegetables. A big bowl of ice cream at night was not uncommon. Fortunately, no one in my home smoked. Although I did play tennis in high school, fitness was not really something we talked  or thought about.

In my 20s I started having issues with pollen allergies because I moved to a new town. I even had to take allergy shots to avoid multiple sinus infections each year.

Not until I was in my late 40s did I think about eating healthy. Fish became a regular part of my diet, and I started to understand the negative impact of “fast carbs” like potatoes, white rice, bread and crackers. More green veggies found their way to my plate. At this same time I discovered that our foods cannot give us all the nutrients we need because of our depleted soils, so I started taking high-quality supplements in addition to eating a cleaner diet.

Now, those allergies that troubled me are no longer a problem. I am healthier than I have ever been.

Another key reason I am healthy, is that I don’t have any emotional baggage to speak of. Yes, I’m human and still have all those human emotions, but I have perspective about life and things that go wrong.

With this site, I hope to help others live a healthy and full life. Life will never be perfect or idyllic, but we can savor and embrace the journey by eating right, staying fit and enjoying life!